1. What courses are currently available on the OWRT website?
Foundations of Oiled Wildlife Response.
2. How much does the Foundations course cost?
3. What does the course cover and for whom is it suitable?
The Foundations course is designed as a comprehensive introduction to oiled wildlife response for anyone interested in learning more or helping in a response. Participants will be introduced to key concepts over eight modules including petroleum and its effects, historical spills, oil spill and oiled wildlife response, and the importance of health and safety.
4. Can anyone do the course?
Yes. Its open to anyone interested anywhere in the world.
5. Is the course completely online?
The Foundations course is an online course (100%). Practical training for oiled wildlife response is part of a higher-level training course.
6. How long does Foundations take to complete?
Allow 2-3 hrs to complete the Foundations course. Once you register and start, your progress is saved, so you don’t have to do the course in one sitting.
7. Is there an instructor available to answer questions?
Should you have questions or need technical support while completing the course you can email support@owrt.org and one of our experts will reply within 48 hours. The only time support is not available is public holidays and during the holiday break: 15 December – 15 January.
8. What skills do I need to have to be able to complete the course?
The course is presented in English. Basic computer skills to be able to follow the online instructions – clicking chapters, next buttons, etc are all that is needed.
9. How do I enrol?
Click on the “enrol here” button on the OWRT website. This will take you through to a page where you will:
1) Register your details and receive your confirmation email, then
2) Chose the course you are enrolling in. It is at this point that you will pay for the course.
You then have access to the course.
10. How do I pay for the course?
Individuals can pay via Pal Pal when they enrol – just follow the online instructions. This gives you immediate access to the course.
Groups. Groups can enrol, but payment is by invoice not Pay Pal. Email us at info@owrt.org and we will invoice you. Once you have paid us we will provide access codes to you to distribute to your students. Students will use their access code to individually enrol.
11. When is the course open?
The course is open all year. Once you enrol and pay for your course in Foundations you have 4 weeks to complete your course. After 4 weeks you lose access to the Foundations course and you would need to re-enrol and pay for the course again. So, we encourage you to start and complete the course within 4 weeks.
If you are a large group, we can set up opening and closing dates and timeframes specially for your group – just chat to us about your requirements.
12. Do I receive a certificate or qualification when I complete the course?
You will receive a certificate of completion if you successfully complete the course.
Groups or organisations can get a list of their students who have successfully completed the course.
13. Can I help in a real oil spill?
This course provides a good introduction to oiled wildlife response. To get involved in oil spill response we encourage you to do further training to build your skill levels. Also find out if there are local government or private organisations in your area where you can sign up to volunteer to help with oiled wildlife response.
14. Where can I get further training?
Consider doing our level 2 Rehabilitation and Facility course available in early 2019, seek work with local animal centres/vet clinics etc to get experience and volunteer with local oiled wildlife response agencies or groups.
15. Tell me about the next course in the series – the Rehabilitation Facility course
The Rehabilitation Facility (Level 2) will be available in early 2019. This teaches you about working in the oiled wildlife rehabilitation facility and each stage of the process from Field Stabilisation through Intake, Pre-wash care, Wash-rinse-dry, Conditioning and Release. You will learn from our experts via online interactive teaching tools, exercises and videos of these activities from real responses. It’s a great course if you think you will be working an oiled rehabilitation facility (either directly with wildlife or with facility management) and is also useful for those that will go onto manage or plan responses.
photo credit: Maritime New Zealand

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