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Oiled wildlife response training is offered to various levels, from on-the-ground responders to response managers. We teach the technical skills required to undertake operational tasks in search and collection of oil-affected wildlife; cleaning and rehabilitation of oiled animals; and development of oiled wildlife facilities.

Additional training is available for those taking on an area leader role and for those responsible for ensuring your organization is prepared for an oiled wildlife event. OWRT offers advanced training in oiled wildlife response management. Led by some of the world’s most experienced oiled wildlife managers, this training will ensure your organization is well equipped to manage a complex oil spill event.

The Level 1 Foundations and Level 2 Rehabilitation and Facility Development OWRT courses are available for enrolment. Please watch course videos below to understand what each course contains and click on the FAQ button below to find out more about the courses, including cost, prerequisites and the length of time you have to complete the course.  Participants must undertake the Foundations course before undertaking the Rehabilitation and Facilities course.

Please note the course website will be closed 15 December to 15 January annually.


photo credit: Maritime New Zealand


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